Iberian Cartographies

April 2023

This residency will result in a portrait of the Iberian Central System by the gaze of artists from the three countries involved in PES_CE: Duarte Belo, Lourdes Germain, João Abreu, Carlos...

Talking Stones

April 2023 e July 2024

Residency of Andrés Talavero, Léna Hiriarteborde and Fernando Mota / From Sierra San Pedro to Castelo Branco Andrés’ residency extends from MALPARTIDA DE CÁCERES (Spain) to CASTELO BRANCO...


July and September 2023

Artistic Residency in the Alps of Haute Provence, Serra da Estrela, and Fajão (Serra do Açor). Summer 2023 and Summer 2024. (a proposal by the Aldeias do Xisto Association, the Estrela Geopark...

Entre Serras

Reinforcing its role as a living laboratory bridging agriculture and biodiversity, the Entre Serras Project (ESP) hosts various artistic residencies, workshops, and encounters from 2023 to 2026 under the Creative Europe programme. With the theme “living and moving,” in partnership with Portugal, Spain, and France, ESP is an exploration of the relationship between observing and experiencing the landscape.

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Project funded by

Europa Criativa Media